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Fiskars Group (also known as Fiskars Oyj Abp or Fiskars Corporation, and until 1998 as Fiskars Oy Ab) is a Finnish group company. The company has its roots in the village of Fiskars (in the town of Raseborg, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) west of Helsinki), where it was founded in 1649. The oldest business still operating in Finland, the global headquarters are in the Arabianranta district of Helsinki. It is one of the oldest companies in the world. The company has operated in various sectors over the decades. Fiskars was formerly best known for its orange-handled scissors, created in 1967. More than one billion were sold by 2010. In 2019, its products related to the home, outdoor activities, interior decoration and table setting. Its key brands today include Fiskars, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgwood and Waterford.

A former employee shares his disappointing experience, "Management at Fiskars is TERRIBLE! Racist...good ole boy company to say the least. They don't care about their employees. Especially not the black ones. No heat or air. This job is trash!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"From my opinion the atmosphere was not healthy. I was told in the beginning that 'I need to prove myself', which apparently meant that there was no proper onboarding and as a new employee I was the one taking charge of my introduction. I wasn't invited to have lunch with my new colleagues and I felt I was not respected as a colleague."

Former Employee - Manager says

"Company is constantly restructuring, no job security"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Extremely poor management. - Fear culture created through management and HR department. - Micro management culture - not allowed to have an opinion and seen as a negative if you want to action changes or have ideas. - If your face doesn't fit ( EG, age or previous location of employment) then you have no chance of fitting in here. - Very poor pastoral care policy."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Old school, top-down, heavy handed management that micro-mananages. Fear driven culture that rewards screaming vs. rational decision making. Reactive vs. proactive, and clearly NOT design driven like their ethos would have you believe. Departments are constantly in fighting, and have a pass the buck mentality. Several key strategic failures have made the culture even worse. Cannot plan, execute and manage projects so they are on time and on target. Marketing culture is abrasive and run poorly. Revolving door with people coming in and leaving within 2-3 years after shackles placed on hires subsides and they see they made a mistake. Creative department is constantly late on deadlines. Management people that don't even have proper degreed backgrounds. They have risen purely by attrition, years there, or nepotism. Several harassment firings recently in creative are a reflection of the toxic culture. Really a shame, as the company name itself has a rich history and brand that could be so much stronger than it really is. The management egos at this company think otherwise. They say people, leave their bosses and not the company, Fiskars is a clear reflection of that phrase. If you value your career, think hard about staying here or applying here."


"Management is more worried about keeping their jobs and salaries than anything else. Lack of engagement and bad environment, career is based more in how the manager likes you than anything else. Work environment is not nice"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's a culture of fear. Don't expect to make any difference here. Passive aggressive behavior is rampant. Tattling, gossip and back stabbing is the name of the game. This should be the best place to work in Madison, instead, a part of me dies every time I come in. All of this starts with the 'leadership team'. They foster this terrible environment with their poor communication and constant rivalries. It's probably a decent place to be if you are entry level or early in your career, but if you are an experienced 'middle manager' you will hate it here. Walk on egg shells, nod your head yes to everything, and don't ever disagree with anyone and maybe you'll survive."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"really poor culture. you will have a great career in this company as long as you saying yes to everything from management and if you ready to screw over your employees. your performance or what is important for company is not relevant for promotions."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micromanaging at all levels. Favoritism is rampant. Inter-department rivalries. Poor communication. Lots of turnover. Consistently re-evaluating processes and changing processes, and everything is a process. Slow to react. Slow to make decisions. It's the definition of survival of the fittest. Speaks about core values at every turn, but just doesn't live up to them in the real world."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Value style over substance If you're a white male with an opinion, forget it, you won't last Get rid of A-level employees for no apparent reason, which has led to a high anxiety culture President is a narcissist, who thinks he's the next Steve Jobs. Entire LT cannot handle being challenged VP's of NPD, Marketing, and Sales are completely inept. Have had 5 Directors of Marketing Communications over the last 4 years."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No advancement opportunity. No reward for accomplishments. Lots of finger pointing rather than problem solving, even at the highest levels."

Shipping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"management is TERRIBLE! Racist...good ole boy company to say the least. They don't care abt their employees. Especially not the black ones. No heat or air. This job is trash!nonethis job is trash"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I did work for fiscars! Starting pay is $12.53, and this has to be by far THE worse job I have had! The people who is on day shift have been there for a long time, and they seem to hate new employees or “temps”! I went to management 3 times in one week because two of their employees were harassing me,(calling me names, would wait until I got to work and came to my work area and took my materials from me, just down right mean employees!) you can’t go to management whom you think would do something, and talk to these troubled employees but instead they fired me! This company made me miserable! When I came to work I dreaded it, bc of these employees! They harassed me everyday for no reason, I seem to think because of jealousy, I worked better than them and it seemed to make them feel inferior of their position. If I had to recommend a job wouldn’t be here! I liked the job, it kept me busyWorkers/staff/management or HR is horrible"

Administration des ventes (Former Employee) says

"Aucune organisation laisser pour compte Environnement désagréable En fin de mission jeter comme une malpropre sans considération Raccompagner jusqu'à la porte de sortie par une personne de la direction qui avait ordre . Aucune ligne de conduite a tenirProduits intéressantsAucuns avantages"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"Do not work there. very poor place to work. no control there i hated working there . i didn't work long but i didn't like what i saw of heard. i hate that place to much walking and very heavy lifting. this place need better mangers and lead. work anywhere but here. this is only what i experienced .Maybe your time spent there will be different"

shipping with a pay increase (Former Employee) says

"They are worse than Nike. They are racist and they play games...they send secret spies in there to befriend you then tell everything your doing to get you fired"

Forklift Operator/Order Puller (Former Employee) says

"this company is not fair they have no excuses for the things that they do and don't give you no explanation for the things that they do they didn't deserve a worker as good as me"

Production Worker/Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Co-workers/Management can make it a very toxic environment to work in. Management listens to your concerns (sometimes), then tells you they are invalid (shuts you down). One Supervisor/Lead tells you that you can't do anything right (explicitly or implicitly), while another Supervisor tells you that you are a great worker and enjoy working with you.Union jobBad Management"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Employees treated very well. Many opportunities to advance with in the company. Great training programs for continued education. Great company benefits,Many employee perks"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"Pay was great, same people I worked with at LR Nelson. The new ownership and management was horrible. I would never work with these people ever again unless I turned senile and forgot what I was doing.I no longer work thereThey moved to Mississippi but it's worth it now"

INVENTORY CLERK (Former Employee) says

"I think this job is ideal for anyone who just wants to pay the bills and not much else. I am grateful for the opportunity to work here but the management is out of touch with the rest of the employees, which negatively affects the culture.easy work, good peopleno A/C, no reward for your hard work"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Need to work Management and they Security. They need Help with a lot of they HR people they let they Security do all the thinking and that's not right. You only see them when some happened."

Senior Payroll Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 15 years and saw ups and downs in the economy and the business culture, saw many management changes. I enjoyed the first 10 years, but became a struggle after that."

Warehouse (Current Employee) says

"HR & upper management make this a stressful place to work This is not a hard job but lack of support from HR & upper management make it more difficult than it needs to be.close to home, stable company, good peoplebad HR & management"

Pack Out Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Hard work. The work environment is not the best. Can be overwhelming and you are put to the test right away. The pay is not to bad as it is a union job."

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Ego-driven, antiquated leadership team fuels this dysfunctional, process-heavy, tattletale culture that encourages backstabbing and total disrespect amongst employees. Very little opportunity for job advancement in this boys club, especially if you are a woman or NOT a friend of the CEO. Great products but frustratingly slow to market as VP's micromanage every step of the way, interfering with new ideas and entrepreneurial spirit that so many employees here possess but aren't encouraged to use. If you're a passionate, outspoken, results-driven, fun-loving extrovert - don't work here."

Picker (Former Employee) says

"Hands down one of the worst jobs I've ever had. Horrible management who are disrespectful and work you like a dog. As if that's not bad enough they show a lot of favoritism.Worked with good peopleBad manage and not enough money for the work you do"

Sr Injection Molding Tech (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work would be doing bunch of paper work. Mainly 'ven't learn much from this company due to the fact i've done more advance molding else where. Co-worker are somewhat pleasant to deal with. The hardest parts is politic of some management do not having much molding experience. Most enjoyable parts is to trouble shoot mold."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"Poor everything basic pay no raises you cant go and get lunch or nothing jus flat out terrible but it is a good start up job no doubt and can help get back establishedConsistent workNo raises"

Picker/Packer (Current Employee) says

"If Management and HR did their job and was for the people and listened to them then this company would be awesome! you get overtime pay is decent but when you have to work under people that tries to bully employees and make promises that they can not keep then it makes it hard to work for them."

Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"the work was fast paced but constant so a good place to learn a skill and decent pay. They did close the plant with no warning so it was not a good time"

Steve George Anderson says

"The loppers are good but you cannot get replacement blades. Good product badly let down by customer support. Would not buy their products again."

Fernando Otero says

"After reading all the negative reviews and looking Fiskars up on Google I came to understand what is happening with their products. The company is "reorganizing" and have closed operations temporarily, and is it seems with so many failing businesses, Covid19 is being blamed. Their once reliable products have been on a deep decline for a lot longer than the Corona virus have been around. Not even their warranty is worth anything any more. I wanted to replace a worn out set of grass shears and was surprised at how badly the reviews for most of their many models were on every single website selling Fiskars. Nonetheless, I went ahead and bought one at my local Home Depot just to give it a try since it looked like a well made, solid feeling rotating grass shear, very similar to but updated model of the one I had. BTW, this new one is made in China, not Finland. Lo and behold, the shears are truly a piece of garbage. For the best part all they do is fold the grass blades with very poor or no cutting, need say no more. All the negative reviews are spot on. DO NOT, I repeat, do not spend the money or waste your time like I did. Now I have to make another trip to Home Depot to return them and get a refund. I suspect a great deal of their other yard and garden products are falling in this kind of situation. What is happening with companies like this one?"

george gretzinger says

"Thought this was a good company. Customer service is non existant. Phone lines are down, and so far I've gotten no reply to my warranty claim from their website. The loppers I bought were pretty pricey, but since they claimed an unconditional, lifetime warranty, I thought, why not?.. Never buy any of their products again."

Yakov Berkovskiy says

"I bought Fiskars Long-Handle Tool Weeder last summer and didn't see the defect. This summer I started using the tool and found it doesn't work properly. I contacted costumer service in May 2020 and they contacted me in July 2020. I got already another tool because I had so many weeds. Customer service very bad. Years ago Fiskars was very good brand, but today quality goes down."

Michael Stirling says

"I've been using Fiskars for a while but they keep failing despite regular cleaning, sharpening and oiling. The bypass pruners (on my second pair after Fiskars authorised a replacement) are particularly rubbish and have come loose at the hinge. The small saw is also poorly made (cheap plastic handle that is coming loose) and the blade was blunt after 2 uses. I'm disappointed at the poor quality and considering how expensive they are, I expected better. I will be changing brands."

Brian Wright says

"I have had this Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Garden Fork for about eight years, a label on its wooden handle states "LIFETIME Guarantee. .It was purchased by my wife for a birthday present for me. It’s a shame Trustpilot does not use Photos to highlight the failure of this fork. Its has had very infrequent use and two weeks ago I was lifting an overgrown Hosta in my garden and the Stainless-Steel forged shaft fractured where it meets the four prongs. It’s very obvious from the break that the construction is not solid Stainless Steel but a inferior shell inside and encased in stainless steel. The metal inside is crystallized where the break has occurred, clearly a result of faulty materials of manufacture. .I contacted Wilkinson Sword and they replied with a history of their company and explained that they did not make the fork but FISKARS were using the trademark up to 2010.and that it was reasonable for the fork to be available for a few years following the cease of manufacture. Hence my wife was able to but it eight years ago. I then wrote to Fiskars with photographic evidence of the failure and because I cannot locate the purchase receipt they aren't interested but suggested I go back to the retailer where it was purchased .This is a ridiculous statement as in the reply they had said the responsibility of the retailer is limited to the first 12 months. As my wife passed away last October, I have no way of obtaining the retailers information anyway. And explained the to. Laurene Lord Customer Service Representative Wedgwood, Waterford, Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, iittala, Royal Copenhagen / Fiskars Group I have asked Fiskars customer service to honour their "Lifetime "Guarantee" and replace the fork with one from their current ones as a good will gesture as its quite plain to see their Garden Fork has had very little use and in almost shop condition, I certainly did not over stress it as I'm the wrong side of 80 years .I have not had a reply to this request and it appears without the original purchase receipt I'm stuffed. Brian Wright"

Ken says

"This brand is a lipstick on a pig. Don't buy them. The small branch saw is dull in one use. I have since moved to better brands and I have a branch saw that has cut thousands of branches and IT'S STILL SHARP.. don't be fooled by the nice looking toola. Utter complete garbage. I have been meaning to write a review for a long time so here it is."

Brian Hubley says

"Hedge Shears thin blades.bent to easy. not sure if it’s worth hassle to bother with the lifetime warranty after reading reviews"

ann bowman says

"i bought the powergear anvil loppers less than 4 years ago with a lot of other fisker garden tools because i always thought they were quality.although the loppers were fabulous while they worked i was chopping up a bush yesterday and the snapped right at the anvil making them useless. unless i spend not much off the total price of a new set on new blade.very disappointed they broke so quick as its not every day you use them. ." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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